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  • Gender equality
    Article: Mar 15, 2021
    By David Banks

    The Testimonies are powerful:

    "Lots of women I know have taken on the majority of the home schooling and housework as well as working. In our friendship group, it's about 80 per cent women that have taken it on. It's been a huge step back for women. Most of the women I know have to get up early to work and work late in the evening" Racheal from Farnham Royal.

  • Covid
    Article: Mar 14, 2021

    Liberal Democrats have played a major part in the Covid response across our towns and villages.

    They have recruited volunteers to performs errands for vulnerable people during the lockdowns, supported people in care homes and obtained PCs for schools.

    Burnham Health Centre is able to vaccinate 1300 people on a Saturday from Dorney across to Iver. Volunteers have stood in the hail and snow, and occasion sun, to manage the car park, and help the flow of patients through the whole process.

  • Green Belt
    Article: Mar 14, 2021

    Whatever they say in their leaflets, under the Conservative White Paper Planning for the Future, the green belt is under threat. It will need to be recategorized (refer to the response to Joy Morrissey's question in Parliament on Nov 23rd 2020).

    Stepping away from a compromise on the Local Plan leaves the area with no protection against speculative development.

  • Buckinghamshire South Liberal Democrats
    Article: Mar 3, 2021

    People are struggling to make ends meet. We need:

    1. Small business recovery fund after lockdown
    2. Unpaid carers allowance increase and respite support
    3. Refugees -we have a moral duty to support the most vulnerable
    4. Green Recovery Package
      • Restructure the UK's economy
      • Upgrade the transportation system
      • Become global leader in key technologies
  • Marlow Bridge Bollards
    Article: Mar 1, 2021

    After spending £110,000 on width restrictions just over a year ago, the Highways authority has discovered that the bollards in place on Marlow Bridge were not stopping larger overweight vehicles from crossing. Hence recently, at significant further expense the width of the bollards has been narrowed further. Local Lib Dems have pointed out that simple tests in advance could have avoided the huge over-expenditure. Even with the new bollards overweight commercial vehicles have been photographed recently crossing the bridge illegally. The bollards don't seem to work and this Tory Council waste could easily have been avoided.